Market Maker Keepers


A big part of the Maker Protocol is the incentivization of external agents, called Keepers (which can be human but are typically automated bots). Market Maker Keepers work by creating a series of orders in so-called bands (defined later), which are configured with a JSON file containing parameters like spreads, maximum engagement, etc. In short, the market-maker-keeper repository is a set of Keepers that facilitate market making on exchanges. For example, trading Dai motivated by the expected long-term convergence toward the indicated Target Price. This guide is dedicated to showing you how to create your very own Market Maker Keeper Bot as well as educate the community and help both users and developers understand the value of this incredible software. We are proud to say that all of the code needed to get a Market Maker Keeper bot up and running is open-sourced.

Visit the guide below if you are interested in getting a Market Maker Keeper Bot Set up up and running!

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